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We love dance! We love to provide the best tools for dance!

OLSI GJECI Developer / Design / Founder

Olsi Gjeci (Dancer) was born in Vlore, Albania. He began his professional career as a folk dancer with the ensemble "Laberia" and The State Ensemble of Folk Songs and Dances. In 2006, he moved to NYC. Studied dance and philosophy at Hunter College. Olsi also dances baroque and balinese among other styles. He joined Trisha Brown Dance Company in December 2013. He also dances with Vicky Shick and is a member of NY Baroque Dance Company, BEMF Dance Ensemble, and BALAM Dance Theatre. Olsi is artistic director of Sublime Dance Company. He is the creator and designer/developer of UMUV since its inception.

DIANA SEABRA Communication / Founder

Diana Seabra was born in Oliveira de Azeméis (Portugal). She studied ballet with Ana Luísa Mendonça. Diana danced for Companhia Dança Livre (Lisbon) where she worked with Benvindo Fonseca and Jácome Filipe. In NY, Diana danced for Aveia Dance Company, Kinetic Architecture, and Regina Nejman Company. Diana holds a BA in Psychomotor Rehabilitation by Faculdade de Motricidade Humana (Lisbon) and a MA in Dance/Movement Therapy by Pratt Institute (New York). Diana dances for Filipe La Feria Productions. She teaches at Oeiras Dance Academy, and develops her own work with Sublime Dance Company.


UMUV didn’t have a name at first… it was just an idea that kept coming up in our conversations every time we talked about “visibility and accessibility in dance”.

Dance seems to be a little behind in the tech world… As a result, its reach to a wider community is not as strong as it could be. From our experience, and from feedback we get from family and friends, dance amateurs who want to dance or watch dance don’t seem to know how to efficiently look for dance events! They end up “consuming” whatever the well-known venues advertize!

Also, the professional dancers, companies, and institutions waste their time and effort doing marketing for themselves on many different platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc, and pay a lot for extra marketing on these platforms in order to reach people on platforms, which are not built for dancers, dance, or dance enthusiasts. At the end of the day information about all these beautiful dance events is lost in the infinite webs of the cold and neutral internet.

Well, we care for what we do and want others to have easy and pain-free access to everything about dance, everywhere, at any time!

There are many websites that do this well for restaurants, traveling, hotels etc, …why not dance? All dance artists and businesses could be gathered in one place to be found by other professional and amateur dancers, and to serve each other's needs.

Of course we were probably not being original with this idea… we thought there should be something as global as we were thinking it, so we did some research. We came to the conclusion that even though there are a lot of cool dance websites, most of them either have a narrow focus (just auditions for exmaple), or a narrow reach(websites built just for a specific city or school), or just technologically not up to date compared with websites about food or travel, or all of the above combined in some cases! Even on popular ones. There was nothing built with the structure we had imagined - EVERYTHING on dance, everything, anywhere in the world, at any time, in one place - UMUV!!

First we thought, let’s sell the idea, but then we realized we were too excited and engaged to let go from it! But how can two dancers build such an ambitious online platform? Everything on dance?? How do you do it? How do you start? Where? So many complex questions to solve when you dream big. We nevertheless decided to start bulding and address these questions one by one as we grow. The main thing that made that decision happen was the realization that no matter what we achieve, we are offering a bit of help to the world dance community.

So, Olsi happens to love learning how to code and Diana happens to be good at talking to people and connecting …so we thought WHY DON’T WE TRY IT? The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work and we go back to being happy together dancing! :)) But at least we learn something new and we connect to people...and help dancers!

So UMUV was born!

Now we are working hard to make it better every day!


UMUV was created with some simple goals in mind:

To build a platform that allows dancers, dance teachers and dance enthusiasts from all over the world to publish their dance services.

To simplify the process of searching for a dance service like an audition or or class and much more.

To create a space where all can look for all their favorite services on dance form anywhere in the world.

To help in growing and uniting the global dance community as simply and efficiently as possible.


We want to become the biggest online dance platform in the world.

We want to help elevate and support to maximum the power and effect that dance has in communities around the world

We want to make the posting, searching, and taking class the most efficient and the easiest for UMUV users.

We want to make the posting, searching for dance related events of any kind, any style, easy, fun, and just efficient.

We want to allow schools and other dance insitutions or bussiness to in the most efficient and transparent way possible.

We want to help the dance communities grow all around the world.

And we believe that with



and easiness of use,

we can help dance lovers wherever they are, connect, exchange, and consume dance services,

activities and dane as art!

You can help us grow! We grow with you.

10K + classes

800 + muvents

1.2K + users

260 + videos

[ Built with by Olsi Gjeci ]