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Donating to UMUV means helping Dance worldwide!

We need your support to be able to keep 90% of our services free, and make UMUV better each day. WE work hard, efficiently and with love in order to bring the world the technological easiness we all have been waiting for in Dance! Please help with as much as you can! $1 shows a lot of support too! Get involved today in making the world a better place and helping dance all over the world!

You can help through many platforms.

We even accept cryptocurrencies!

Thank you!



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Bitcoin beed5ef48045a115f586acdd21a88e693808f9121362958cd2ea04811ba7e729

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Ethereum d1edfca7e80d6cad18cc2a6fcd1707eaeb02efea6b0aaa2d7df07044804fbc08

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Litecoin f89bf4f095d36a116e07279b29a1ade3b0d2b8d631d468b3fdc4273b60de9e6c

Or send us a check if you are in United States:

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