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 Art Dance Idp. Auditions -Dance Audition

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Llança 31 Barcelona , Barcelona Spain

May 05, 2019

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Dollar 0.0

Esmeralda Maycas


ARTDance, International Dance Program is a complementary, innovative, avant-garde and visionary Dance Program based in Barcelona, Spain.

Sustained and wrapped by a network of international exchange. The dynamic education takes place within our team, guest teachers and choreographers, through Internships at professional companies as well as different artistic collaborations. Its main focus is on guiding the dancers towards entering the professional world.


Technical and artistic excellence.
High capacity of interaction within the choreographic processes.
Versatility and capacity of approaching choreographic proposals delineated by classic as well as contemporary styles. Knowledge of and the experience in multiple areas of the performing arts.

During the 2018-19 season, the guest teachers and invited choreographers were: Jone San Martín (The Forsythe Company) Sandra Marín (Crystal Pite), Sébastien Mari (Pascal Touzeau), Sarah Cernaux (Akram Khan) Miquel Font (choreographer at Scapino Ballet),  Zoran Markovic (Luzern Theater), Daniela Meneses (Hof Theater), Diego Benito (Basel Ballet), Diego Cruz (San Francisco Ballet), among others.

Agreements with international companies through internships:

  • Dresden-Frankfurt Dance Company
  • Landestheater Innsbruck
  • Landestheater Eisenach 
  • Székesfehérvári Balett Szinház
  • Hessisches Staatsballet Darmstadt-Wiesbaden
  • LaMov, Cia de danza

How to apply:

Audition upon invitation, please send  your CV, PHOTOS AND APPLICATION FORM. 

We will be holding private auditions. Video auditions are accepted as well. 

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