Commited to making you happy! Loved within the professional and amateur global community!

I just signed in on your fabulous website. And love it!
Wonderful website. Bravo on your great initiative.

UMUV is a website I use when traveling and I always get the updated calendar of where to find classes and performances. This is really important to me, to meet the dance community wherever I am to share ideas and our hopes for dance.
As a freelance dance artist who's worked around the world, I think UMUV is a very useful new tool. We are in an interconnected world and consolidating information the way this web site does is both wonderful and important.

I just signed up. It was free, it was EASY, and they made it all look SO GOOD...
This is a great platform! I am excited to be part of this! Thank you very much!
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Stella Situma

Really liked it a lot you guys are phenomenon....this one of its kind in believe and I'm you gonna connect millions of dancers around the world thanks for this.
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Wasiu Eniola Ibrahim
Great initiative! Will certainly connect on your dance platform.

UMUV is one of the best websites where you can find dance classes all over the world.
Thank you for this incredible website. I will share this with my network in Chicago and beyond. Thank you for creating a beautiful format.
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Teacher @Duncan Dance Chicago

I love you guys!
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Being a user on UMUV allows us to post online all our dance classes, but also our events such as festivals or performances, and by doing so, to reach a wider audience, and to connect with people from all over the world who can be interested by what we are offering here.
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Karima Mansour - Artistic Director