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Goran Bogdanovski

Ljubljana , Slovenia

  • Dancer
  • Teacher
  • Choreographer
  • Artistic director
  • Consultant
  • Dance/Movement Therapist
  • Teacher Trainer


Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Improvisation Teacher, Dance Alchemy Teacher, Contact Improvisation Teacher, Ecstatic Dance facilitator, Mentor, Coach, Movement director, Curator of Dance Festivals, Cultural entrepreneur...

As a dancer and performer he worked successfully with more than 70 different choreographers and directors in the field of performing arts – classical ballet, physical theatre, contemporary dance, film and video.

In 2000 he founded own Dance company and developed as choreographer. His work has been presented in 23 countries worldwide and received international awards. In the beginning he was also the artistic director, manager, producer, touring agent and administrator … learning the craft on the way.

He was engaged in developing conditions for education, creation, production and popularisation of dance art. To mention just some highlights:
- he transformed a big old cinema into a huge dance studio, rehearsal space & production of contemporary dance and theatre which he manage for six years
- he launched the first Slovene contemporary dance platform and network
- he co-established the Nomadic Dance Academy with partners in six countries where I was the co-director of educational and research programmes
- he co-established few International Dance Festivals where I was co-curator and producer.
- ...

At some point he needed a break from artistic milieu and was working as construction worker, van driver and librarian.

And for the past 12 years his focus mainly shifted towards teaching.
He had the opportunity to pass his knowledge and his understanding of Dance Improvisation and Dance Alchemy in 20 different countries in the form of trainings, classes, workshops, events, research projects, laboratories, coaching, mentoring, retreats, journeys and teacher trainings:
- from art and therapy students to professional dancers, actors and choreographers;
- from dance teachers, professors, managers, entrepreneurs to non-professional movement lovers and people with disabilities;
- from dance festivals and theatres, dance companies, dance studios, academies, universities, high schools, primary schools to corporations
- and individuals who asked for his help.

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Ljubljana , Slovenia

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3. To 23. August 2019 ...

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
August 03, 2019

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