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Inês Costa

Lisbon , Portugal

  • Dancer
  • Teacher
  • Choreographer
  • Videographer
  • Producer


Inês Costa, born in Portugal on 9th July 1991. She made the National Conservatory of Lisbon and courses abroad, particularly in Cannes at "Rosella Hightower" school where she worked with Monique Loudières; in Italy "Ballet Adriatic" where she worked with Anna Marie Holmes, Kee Juan Han and others and in Belgium at "Royal Ballet of Antwerp" the School. She worked with dancers and choreographers as Irina Zhavialova, Michael Zhavialov, Guilherme Dias, Jeorge Garcia, José Luís Vieira, Carlos Caldas, Ulrike Caldas, Marc de Graef, Elisa Worm, Paola Cantalupo, Anastacia Dunets, Carolina Aguero, Caroline Llorca, Claudia Nova, Dario Franconi, David Fielding, Margo Sappington, Maria Palmeirim, Mary Beth Arrington, Nicholas Cucuzzo, Stanislav Beliaevski, Todd Mckway, Peter Micheal, Patrícia Henriques, Gustavo Oliveira, Constança Couto, Cristina Pereira, Rui Lopes Graça, Rui Horta, São Castro, Iolanda Rodrigues, Yuki Mori, Filipa Peraltinha, Gustavo Oliveira, Leda Mazzei Fernandes, Isabel Ariel, Nina Zaera, Allan Falieri, Elisabeth Lambeck, Offesh Shechter (Contemporary Dance / Classical), Michel Rebiffé (Tap), Filipa Mayer (Pilates) Filipe Macedo (Yoga), Isabel Gonzaga (Historical Dances), Henriqueta Pombeiro (Traditional Dances), Pedro Carneiro (Character Dance) among others.
While student she made the 6th grade from Royal Academy of Dance scored with 98% (out of 100%) in 2005, and participated in the Algarve Dance Competition "Dançarte" - 3rd place in 2006.
She also studied at the ESD University in Lisbon from 2010 to 2013, where she did a High Degree in Dance, working with Amélia Bentes, Barbara Grigi, Jose Grave, Maria José Fazenda, Gil Mendo, Teresa Ranieri, Victor Garcia, Madalena Silva, Margarida Bettencourt, Ana Silva Marques, Vera Amorim, among others. In this period of time she was a freelance, having worked with children so that they have contact with the dance art in public education level in Portuguese Institutions as: 31 January, SFRUA in Alhos Vedros City, APOD in Carnide City, and was also working as a teacher of Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Composition and Improvisation at the Regional Conservatory of Montijo Arts (CRAM) in Montijo City.
She was Professional Dancer in Kale Dance Company from October 2013 until 2015 where she worked with: Marcelo Ferreira (Resident Artistic Director and Choreographer), Allan Falieri, Nina Zaera, Leda Mazzei Fernandes, Isabel Ariel, Paula Moreno, Índio Ferreira and Elisabeth Lambek.
Now is working as Teacher and choreographer in CMJ, Estúdio B, ADM, Espaço Dança, CDN e Gimnoarte in Porto and is also working as freelancer, doing projects as:
-“Tripalium” from Gustavo Oliveira;
-“Fátima: O dia em que o sol Bailou” from Vórtice Dance Company;
-“Camélias de cá e lá [Daqui e Dali]” from Estúdio B;
-“Contraste” from Benvindo Fonseca e Gonçalo Lobato with Companhia nós da Dança in Póvoa de Varzim;

Lisbon , Portugal

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