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Ines Afflalo

Lisbon , Portugal

  • Dancer
  • Teacher
  • Choreographer


Inês Afflalo started dancing at the age of five. She attended the Royal Academy of Dancing course until the 5th grade with Distinction. At the age of nine she enrolled in the National Conservatory Dance School, completing six years of training with teachers such as Luisa Taveira, Luisa Carles, Mark de Graff, Luisa Vendrell, Ana Vian, Pedro Carneiro, Cristina Graça, Constança Coutro, José Luis Vieira, Jorge Garcia, among others.
She holds a degree in Communication Sciences from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in Journalism (2007). She dedicated some time to the communication area, having collaborated as a journalist intern at SIC.
She has been teaching dance since 2005, having started with Hip-Hop in numerous schools and academies. She competed as a dancer in 2 Hip-Hop groups, at the Nationals (2nd place Portuguese Federation Gymnastics Championship) and also International. Later, she attended the Hip-Hop College course, by the company "Diego Sacco", having obtained the "Aluna Revelação" diploma (2006/2007).
At 2015, she completes the Master's Degree in Dance Teaching from the School of Dance (ESD), and has completed the internship component at the Dance School of the National Conservatory (DSNC), in Contemporary Dance Technique.
As a dancer, she had the opportunity to dance in the musical "High School Musical" (2009) in the Coliseum and Tivoli Theater, with the choreographer Clair Fiest; She did theater of magazine, in Parque Mayer, in the pieces "Hip-Hop'arque" (2008 ) and "Agarra que é Honesto" (2010), with the choreographer Marco Di Camilis.
She participated in the tv show "Achas que Sabes dançar" /”So You Think You Can Dance” (2010), where she reached 8th place, having worked with different choreographers: Pau Vasquez, René Vinther, Daniel Cardoso, Diana Rego, Pedro Borralho, Paula Pinto, Simeon Qsyea and João Tiago.
Over the last few years she has attended countless seminars, workshops and summer courses of classical dance, hip-hop, dramatic dance, duet, and contemporary dance and jazz with reference teachers in the national panorama, such as Sofia Neuphart, Amélia Bentes, Gonçalo Lobato, Silvia Rijmer, Paula Careto, Magali, Teresa Ranieri, Diana Matos, Luke Jessop, Ricardo Ambrósio, Colin Vieira, Maté Mészáros, Bruno Caverna, Miguel Loureiro, and Cristina Graça.
Currently Inês is artistic director, dancer and choreographer in her own project, LEGACY Professional Dancers, which she founded in 2010, after her participation in the television show "Achas que sabes Dançar"/”So You Think You Can Dance”. A project that involves coordination of different dancers, choreography and production of events or shows, dance classes and workshops in different styles such as Jazz, Hip-Hop and Contemporary, nationally and internationally. In last six years she has also worked as a choreographer in theater with Produtora Plano 6 and Companhia Palco 13. She teaches Hip-Hop, Contemporary Dance and Jazz (children / youth and adults) at Jazzy Dance Studios, ARTEMOVE, Luisa Sigea College, National Conservatory Dance School (NCDS) and is part of the ESD faculty.

Lisbon , Portugal

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