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The World Is Sound

Berlin , Germany

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The World is Sound (TWIS) is a platform dedicated to the exploration of the human voice as a medium for physical expression in contemporary performance, and stems from the synthesis of different traditions of sound and movement. TWIS was initiated by voice artist, dancer, sound composer Alessio Castellacci and evolved from his close collaboration with singer, sound artist, choreographer Irena Tomažin and actor, director, sound researcher Robert Liethoff. Through this work the underlying principles of different disciplines are developed and connected into an integrated approach to the study of the human voice, to include its physical, emotional, imaginative and communicative dimensions.

The space between Breath, Movement and Voice is central to TWIS inquiry and is regarded as an ‘acousomatic-scape’: a fine-grained, generative space in which each voice or movement gesture exists along a vibrational continuum. Thus, the process of finding a voice must be tailored to each person’s experience, and cannot be reduced to a specific style, aesthetic or technique. The advanced tools of research and performance offered during the work can only serve their purpose when rooted in a trusting relationship with yourself.

During the program you are invited to a journey of discovery and surrender to your voice's innate quality and sound signature, which are normally trapped or disguised behind the social representation we give of ourselves in everyday life. This freedom is achieved through precise anatomical work, touch and sound perceptual practices, the use of poetic imagery as a motor for explorative movement and through the experience of your emotional body in a supportive group setting.

Perfoming and creating artistic work are natural extensions of getting in touch with your own vocal and physical impulses; once we let these currents freely manifest without censorship or judgment, they naturally tend to converge into more developed, organised forms. Another essential part of the work thus begins: to modulate and articulate your desires, thoughts and intuitions, crafting them into organised materials that can be shared. The process of presenting solo or collaborative work, exchanging constructive feedback with the group under the mentors' support, enables a deeper understanding and sense of meaning of your personal practice.

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8:30 AM - 7:00 PM
June 12, 2018

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